Saturday, August 23, 2008

Leave Britney...Alone

So this showed up on our little BuzzFeed bar today--a video that supposedly lets you hear Britney Spears's live singing voice, isolated, from a concert in Las Vegas.

I'm not buying it. It sounds like someone doing a poor Britney imitation. Sure, she doesn't have the greatest voice in the world, but I also doubt that it's this bad. Like during "Lucky," for instance, the voice we hear is all breathy, as though she were dancing around stage, but she's just standing there with her arms over her head. And at times it almost sounds like the singing voice is trying to not break into laughter.

Is there any proof this is real? And can we all keep in mind for a second that almost no singer on the planet can sound great while dancing at the same time--without a backing track? That's what they're there for--to provide a vocal support system while whoever on stage is doing splits, twirls, and strip teases. If you're gonna isolate the live microphone feed for a performance like this, you may as well just cut the lights, send the dancers home, and refund the ticket money, because you won't have much of a show.


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