Monday, August 4, 2008

Josh and Jess Featured in Actual Print Newspaper

I got a headsup from my friend Juliet, who lives in Boston, that Josh and I have a little blurb in Boston's Metro newspaper. Check it out.

Really, really, really cool.


Josh's note: And we have nothing against the Red Sox either. That may be because neither of us has a real interest in sports, but hey, if we did, the Sox would be cool with us.
Well, the Red Sox. White Sox? Not cool. Cheating's never okay, guys.
Jess's note: I actually love the Red Sox. My Dad is a hardcore fan.

Josh's note: While we're on the topic of sports, what's up with the Florida Marlins? Seriously, the Marlins? What are you guys gonna do, slather yourselves with melted butter and be delicious? Ooh, real tough.

UPDATE: We're actually featured in ALL the Metro papers, and by "featured" I mean we have a little blurb, but if you live in Philly, New York or Boston PICK UP A COPY. They're free!


Jenna said...

The same blurb is in today's Philly Metro paper..that's how I found you guys!

Vanessa said...

you can bet i'm finding that metro and cutting that clip out, asap! see...just one more reason to add boston to your roadtrip list--we're awesome :)

Jess and Josh said...

Jenna - so cool! I'm from Philly, in Philly now until the end of the summer, so I'm brimming with hometown pride :)

Marshall said...

Metro Paper should be stoked to be mentioned on Jess and Josh. We do actually have something called DC Metro, while it is unrelated, I will demand they print your blurb. I will also demand the subway does.