Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Insecurity Continues to Breed Amongst Women Thanks to Cosmo

I usually leave it to Jezebel to debunk the awful truths of ladymags, but this month's Cosmo really pissed me off.
"His Girlfriend Wish List: Do you have these 9 surprising traits?"
I don't know what 9 traits they're going to proffer, but rest assure that if you don't have them you will remain boyfriendless and lonely until the end of your days. You should also spend your time changing yourself so that you can become the kind of girl that guys love.

"The Sex Position Guys Lust For"
I'm guessing it's not one that hits your G spot.



Marty Deworth said...

Wouldn't a sex advice column in a woman's magazine that tells men how to please women be kind of useless? Just as useless as a men's magazine telling women how to please men? There's an issue of target audience/utility that I think you're overlooking. Granted, the idea of effective generalized sex advice is laughable, but I don't see how it's inherently sexist, as long as the publishing industry is providing this advice to people of all genders and orientations -- which I'm fairly sure it is, at least based on what I've seen in magazines for gay men.

In closing, I sympathize with your desire to have an orgasm, and I sincerely hope that somewhere out there the man or woman of your dreams is reading an article explaining how to give you one.

Jess and Josh said...


I don't want Cosmo to have lists for guys on how to please women, I want them to have lists on how women can please *themselves*. A lot of the reason some women don't derive as much pleasure from sex as men is because they're concentrating too much on how to please their partner and not thinking about how they can please themselves, too. They're too ashamed to tell the guys what they want. It's fine that Cosmo wants to tell us how to please men, but just as important is learning how to please yourself or help others please you.

And I have plenty of orgasms! But thank you!

Marty Deworth said...

Fair enough. I recommend Masturbation Digest, if only because I receive a free month for every referral. You get the best of the month's masturbation research, advice, literature, and humorous cartoons, without any of the filler.