Monday, August 25, 2008

Greetings from Denver: The DNC allows us to hallucinate there actually being Democrats in Colorado

We're in a Motel 6. I think there are some blood stains on the carpet. We booked our reservation too late so this was what was left, but it's teeming with conventioneers and Hispanic mamas in Obama shirts and people in pick up trucks who are maybe just here to do meth.

We're heading to downtown Denver now, and we'll be around the convention center all day tomorrow so I'll do my best to report what I can without a real press pass, aka I will talk to people in bars, protesters, others hanging around the Pepsi Center, etc.

There's also someone staying down the hall with a Hillary sign in her window. This whole thing has made me realize how much I hate Hillary. She can "release" her superdelegates to my boy Barack, but it's quite obvious that she wants her supporters to refuse to default to Obama, and in a party that is notorious for splintering violently, it is only causing damage.

I'm going to try to talk to all kinds of Dem supporters, but I'm particularly interested in talking to the Hillary ones so I can understand why they would rather vote for McCain than Obama. Seems to me like just sore loserdom, but we'll see.



Vanessa said...

Hey hey, not ALL Hillary supporters are voting McCain...well I mean I actually can't vote period...but you get the point.

But yes, please do report on the ones who are. I understand not liking Obama, but crossing that bridge and ending up in WOO LET'S VOTE FOR MCCAIN land confuses me to no end.

PS: I hope the road is still fun! Keep safe!

christena said...

Your boy Obama is THE loser, and he'll prove to be a loser once again by losing to John McCain. The 2008 democratic presidential elections was stolen by your boy; Hillary would have been the better candidate against McCain--serving two terms (2008 & 2012) and your boy could've have just stepped aside, gain more experience in the process, and wait for 2016 to run, which he has better chance of winning the presidency. But instead, We'll have another 4 years of republican president (and depends on who he picks for his VP, it could be another 12 years (McCain for 4 years and his VP for the next 8) of GOP in the white house. You're young, and your idealism blinds you. While on you're road trip, try to pass by some of the red states, talk to all type of voters, see if they're going to vote for your boy, and understand why they would rather vote for McCain than Obama.

Anonymous said...

Hey now, there are Democrats in Denver all the time. Don't blame Denver for the rest of the state.

I've heard a lot about Clinton voters defecting to McCain, but I haven't actually met anyone who plans to do that. I suspect that it's a tiny phenomenon getting blown out of proportion by the media ... probably because a) it's appealingly dramatic, and b) it feeds into stereotypes about how middle-aged women (who are basically the only Clinton voters the media ever talks about) are irrational and crazy and just wanted Clinton to be in office because she was their girl, woooo! And I just don't think very many Clinton supporters actually think like that. That said, I am absolutely disgusted by the narcissism of Clinton wanting her name to be on the ballot at the convention for the sake of "closure". For Christ's sake, it's a national campaign. It's not your personal therapy session.

LOLSAM said...

Okay. She's not acting like releasing her delegates is a favor she's doing. It's a formality. Like the entire convention is a formality.

And regardless of whether she wants her supporters to default to Obama or not, she's speaking tonight on his behalf. I mean, I guess we'll figure out exactly what she's going to say in a few hours, but she's not some "crazy woman" taking revenge on the big bad black man.

This whole election is going to give me a headache.

LOLSAM said...

I'd say it was pretty pro-Obama, and pretty selfless.

Jess and Josh said...

Agreed. I scored a press pass so got to actually go see her speak live. It was pretty amazing and I think she did a great job all things considered.

Shawn said...

i was a hillary supporter. i live in a red state (although not for long), i will vote for obama.

how could i not? how could any hillary supporter ever vote republican? how could any intelligent person ever vote republican?

i too have heard of hillary supporters defecting to mccain, but have yet to meet one. let it be noted that i know a lot of hillary supporters.