Sunday, August 17, 2008

Great Suggestion

Today I found out that someone from my high school had just come out of the closet. It was one of those things where we all sort of knew anyway, but nobody ever acknowledged it in high school since he wasn't that obvious. Like, yeah, he had the nasally lisp, but we come from a pretty Jewish--yenta-filled Jewish--town, and for a lot of fathers, that's par for the course. God, I love New Jersey. Plus he didn't really dress that well, and also he dated girls. I don't know. Oh high school.

Anyway, that got me (re)thinking about the whole coming-out thing. I wanted to see how America at large felt about it now, so I decided to browse online for "help coming out" (and, in the process, surely confuse whoever else might be checking my browser history.) There's a surprising amount of tolerance on the Internet these days, given the fact that it's easy to be anonymously hateful online and Internet culture can be especially homophobic. But every so often someone thinks up a gem and spreads the word, and I have (the weird and wonderful) Yahoo! Answers to thank for this one:

"But beside that one way to do it is make it over dramatic. such as
My cousin told everyone he was dieing wait for ppl to start freaking out then said just kidding i am only gay.
We were so relived that he wasnt sick that we didn't care he was gay (even though we all would have loved him with out the drama)"

And to think, I only thought to have a chat with the folks.


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Michael Strickland said...

Yeah, I came out to my parents two years ago, and I told my dad while we were driving home from school. It went fine, but in retrospect, telling your father you're gay in a vehicle moving 65 MPH isn't the brightest thing to do :P