Friday, July 4, 2008

What We Talk About When We Talk About Dee Snider

We were discussing some of the finer aspects of the My Immortal video...

Jess: the dee snider cameo is seriously like 10 secs long
Josh: its like a fade out
Jess: i put it at the end initially but then i wanted to have the mallet guy there
Josh: Life of Dee: The Dee Snider Story
Jess: lol
Jess: A B C Dee: The Dee Snider Story
Josh: Deel With It: Dee's Words and Dee's World
Jess: Dee in Headlights
Jess: get it?
Jess: like... deer in headlights
Jess: yeah
Josh: Dee in the Headlights: Get It?
Josh: Off the Deep End: A Memoir, by Dee Snider
Josh: *Dee End
Josh: ehh
Jess: LOL

We were both clearly born during a gas leak.


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