Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shopping Wish List For Broke Girls [Like Me]

I'm broke. I really can't reiterate that enough. I eat a lot of Ramen and drink water to curb hunger. I spend more money on cigarettes and other substances than I do on food. I haven't gone shopping in a month, which probably isn't that long, but for me it seems like forever.

I'll also admit that I'm very into fashion, and I'm not really ashamed of it. Sadie wrote a great post on Jezebel yesterday explaining how she came to appreciate fashion as an art form. I do, too, to some extent. I love the Costume Institute exhibits at the Met and I appreciate couture as an expressive and highly physical art form. I also am of the mindset that outfits can be an easy way to express individuality otherwise reserved for different activities... like... blogging. Yeah. But since I'm broke and fashion-minded, I often turn to a New York Girl on a Budget's Best Friend: Forever 21.

Here are some screencaps of some of the stuff I'm currently digging, and each item is under $30. If you're bored and want to do some browsing on the site (or other similarly priced sites), I'd love to see the other items you guys come up with. Also: I'd like to use this time to point out the fact that it's sooo annoying that H&M doesn't have online shopping, because whenever I go into the store that's closest to my apartment (the one on Broadway in SoHo), I always end up flying into a rampage and elbowing tourists out of my way in a violent effort to get to that Last Cheap Shift Dress.

Anyway, I was a little disappointed with the website's selection, but here are the few looks I came up with. Also, it's pertinent to point out that I only ever wear dresses or skirts, which explains why all four items I chose are dresses. I don't know why- I just really hate pants.

Oh and in case you're a cute straight boy lurking on Jess and Josh/Sara Benincasa's brother, this is what I wear when I blog ;) ;) ;)


nina said...

Forever 21 = New York Girl on a Budget's Best Friend, aka Home of Designers' Most Obvious Knock Offs

Here are my picks from their site, all for under $30 as well:

And now I desperately want to go shopping.

Jess and Josh said...

Oh, Nina! You and your onesies. I'm obsessed with the first dress -- I must have missed it while browsing. V. cute.

KTS said...

that white (dress, nightgown?) thingy is adorable. I live in Philly and can go you one guilty pleasure better than F21 -- Joyce Leslie. The clothes are arranged in the store by COLOR.

Eric said...


allie said...

Found your blog thru the Daily Intelligencer; have to say you're a wonderful writer and I hope you continue to be fed up with the scene. And I'm leaving this comment because I own dress number two, and it may have caused someone to make out with me in a bathroom last week.