Saturday, July 19, 2008

Shine on Your Shoes

Last night my RA from freshman year took me to the restaurant where he serves as Bar Manager, South Gate, for a fully comped meal. It was the first time I've been out to dinner in a really long time and ate something that cost more than $5. First I was all, WTF this restaurant is owned by the Sheikh of Dubai and therefore what I'm eating is funded by oil money. And I got kind of grumpy. But then Tony Bennett came in and ate dinner at Table 1 and I spent the rest of the night fantasizing about how genuinely excited my Grandma would get when I called her to tell her, and how she might start naming times she saw him live and then talking about her life growing up in Pelham Bay Park, and suddenly I got uncharacteristically excited to call her. I haven't yet, though, because I'm scared she'll start talking about my NYM article and chastising me for using the word "fuck" a few times. :/


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Marshall said...

Dubai actually makes its money by exporting baby tears.