Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oh Look - a Float With a Penis On It

So another one of my girlcrushes is Salon writer Tracey Clark-Flory. She wrote an article in Broadsheet today about a 4th of July parade that occurred in the Massachusetts area that basically turned into a public shaming of the Gloucester "pregnancy pact" girls. The parade is supposed to focus on an event of national or local importance, and -- instead of creating floats based on something constructive like the presidential election or rising oil prices -- the parade participators decided to concoct floats with completely offensive anti-female messages on them such as, “Sluts missed sex ed” and “She smelled like tuna, I should’ve pulled out soona.” Besides the fact that this is factually incorrect – i.e. one of the major problems that contributed to this whole fiasco is the fact that Gloucester doesn’t even provide sex ed for students in high school – it’s also incredibly offensive and unnecessary. It’s personally disrespectful to the women involved in the controversy, but it also rings shrilly of sexism against all women. Seriously, if you don’t like vaginas, there’s really no need to make that tired, played-out “OOH they smell like fish!” analogy.

The other thing I don’t understand is that the parade contributors are potentially reacting to the situation due to personal conservative ideology. Calling women who get pregnant in high school “sluts” and damning them for the poor choices they’ve made as impressionable teenagers is not only offensive, but reeks of a conservative and/or religious undertone that stands in stark contrast to the graphic imagery presented by the parade floats. One float was little more than a penis shooting out liquid onto the crowd; seriously, the gay pride parade could have opted this float and conservatives everywhere would have been up in arms. I don’t understand how you can reconcile conservative ideology that deems women who have premarital sex “sluts” with a float with a giant dick on top of it. This is ostensibly a family event, judging from the crowd in the video; I’m not a conservative, but I wouldn’t even dream of bringing my hypothetical kids to an event like this. It’s hateful and rife with bigotry, not to mention no one really needs to be sprayed with fake cum from a penis float, no matter how hot out it is. Video below.



LOLSAM said...

that's really disgusting.
i'm nauseated.

Vanessa said...

Agree, really really inappropriate. I haven't read anything about it yet but me and my mom had a long conversation about it. Apparently little kids were opening condoms that had been thrown in the crowd, and one of the floats had boys in diapers coming out from a woman's legs? Revolting. What kills me is that this just proves that slut shaming is seen as okay. Why is no one mocking the boys who were involved in this debacle? Not that any of the participants should be mocked and shamed (god forbid we attempt to EDUCATE), but why are the boys completely left out of it? Oh yeah, because large black penii on floats are hilarious, but pregnant women are cause for shame and cruelty.

I fucking hate this world sometimes.


ay no que feo!

Mazi said...

the organizers of this event, or at least the sponsors of this float obviously chose this fourth of july to stop repressing their affinity for golden showers

jodi said...

That's really charming how they've got a sign on the back that reads "Christine it's a joke". The people who put this float together are FRIENDS of one of the pregnant women in question.