Saturday, July 5, 2008

Motherfuckin B-L-O-G

Here are the lyrics for all you hardcore J&J fans:
I don’t know what you heard about me
But you gonna get some comments outta me
I’m gonna increase my page hits by three
I write a muthafuckin B.L.O.G.

I don’t know what your heard about me
We’re gonna post and blog about Dee (Snider!!!!)
You gon’ wanna Digg the shit out of me
I write a muthafuckin B.L.O.G.

Now shorty, she on the web, she makin’ some posts
She got a thing for that Gawker, that Perez, the most
That Huffington Post, Jess & Josh, & Jalopnik
She’s checking your RSS feed, gonna browse real quick
I spit some oversharing because I wanna
Emily Gould learned that shit from me cuz I’m smahta
If you gonna talk shit at least put your name on it
Why you wanna act outrageous when you tryin' to comment?
So Emily Gould and J.A. we know you are readin'
...Unless you’re Twittering about how you’re in Chicago with your family and your life sucks.



LOLSAM said...

omg shout out to jalopnik.

nina said...

haha, i love you guys. this made my (v. uneventful) night.

Marshall said...


`nk said...

too cute!

Jess and Josh said...

jalopnik = LOL

Montgomery Maxton said...

i heart