Monday, July 14, 2008

How Jess Got Her Groove Back: Potentially and Yet to Be Seen

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Vanessa said...

hahahaha oh god amazing. this is reminding me of the satc episode where miranda's like "OKAY FINE LET'S GO" to the construction guy who always hits on her and then he's all "woahhh jk i have a wife..." so awk. WHY DO MEN DO THAT?

also, plz find a way to video tape this shit. and put it online. and allow me to die laughing at the hilarity that will surely ensue. great thanks :)

ninanyc said...

I'm always too annoyed and creepd out with the catcalls to even respond. I'm beyond curious to know how they react to your response, haha.

Marshall said...

Some guy. Haha this is like knowing Bruce Wayne's secret identity.