Thursday, July 10, 2008


I've been really busy recently with everything that's been going on, but I wanted to do a little housekeeping so that we can kind of consolidate recent J&J references across the interwebz into one neat little post. (Hey look! My OCD is showing!) In case you're interested, which you probably are not but this makes me feel organized and in control so I'm doing it anyway, below are recent linkbanks and writeups including J&J. Some are positive, some are negative, all are worth a read if you're dangerously consumed with boredom at work like me.

2. Young Manhattanite - One and Two


14. - Women's Issues Blog - I'm someone's role model!

16. Politics as Puppetry - NYU Sucks (Duh)

18. Thunderbolt - J&J as quotable as the Prime Minister of India?

20. Crap, I wish there was a 20th one because now I feel all unbalanced. Alright, um, - Number 20.



Anonymous said...

good work... any publicity is good publicity

LOLSAM said...


Jess and Josh said...

more like WEBTARD
i was just trying to be SERVICEY with this LISTICLE

nina said...

The article is particularly awesome - yay Jess!

LOLSAM said...


where did that picture come from?!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all the success, you so deserve it. You are the quintessential NYU student, what the NYU student was in the 90's and now what NYU students come here to try to be.

Just one question. Am I missing the relevance of the Spendi picture? PS Spendi apparently feels they will soon be bigger than Becks and Posh.

Jess and Josh said...

Anonymous - thank you very much, that's kind of you. As for the Spiedi picture, sometimes when I can't think of a pic that would enhance my post, I just choose the most random one I can think of, and there's kind of nothing more random than Speidi weilding glocks.