Saturday, July 19, 2008

House of Cards

Josh and I are finally going to see Radiohead in August. I personally have been trying to procure tickets for their shows ever since I got into them a handful of years ago, but they always seem to sell out the second they go on sale (quite literally). That said, we're going to see them on the lawn in Camden, NJ and hopefully it won't be like this experience where it was essentially 15 year olds puking on each other. Below is the freshly released video for "House of Cards." It is quintessential Thom Yorke with crazy 3D computer graphics and floating heads made out of laser lights. And like, hey man, if you're going to the show in Camden, we should all totally meet up beforehand and TaIlGaTe!!!1

1 comment:

Marshall said...

That video is definetly how I remember Camden being.