Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Great Catcalling Experiment: Day Two

Woo! I don't know if it's the impending heatwave or the fact that I'm wearing a belted t-shirt as a dress, but every construction worker and his brother-in-law wanted to bang this hot mami this morning. Or, so they verbalized. Here is today's chart:
An anonymous commenter brought up the excellent point that just because the men positively embrace my response to their jeers, it does not mean they want to date me. Instead, it probably means they just want to fuck me. So now we will operate under the premise that when they ask for my phone number they are simply trying to get in my pants. Six of the eight men who hit on me this morning asked for my number. Now, three of them were in a group, so we could potentially count them as one since only one of them jotted my phone number down (though all three catcalled), but for ego purposes we will inflate the number and count all three.

Another commenter, Woods, suggested that I ask them questions so that I can gather statistics on how often they actually get a date from catcalling, why they do it, etc. I don't think I'm the proper person to conduct this experiment, because the statistics would be botched as the men would most likely inflate their success rate in order to impress me. If any fellow catcallers and readers of Jess and Josh want to take on this task and report back, we would be very grateful. Otherwise, I guess we'll all have to keep on wondering... why men do the things they do zomg lolz.



Vanessa said...

FYI: I've been refreshing J&J since 10am waiting for this post to exist. Thank god it's finally up :)

Anonymous said...

you should send these to
they would love it!

Anonymous said...

I understand why you aren't giving these guys your real phone number, but don't you think it would be interesting to know how many of them actually call?

jodi said...

I'd also like to know how many actually call, and how many view taking your phone number as an easy way to get off the hook when they've been called out to make good on their catcalling (oh lord, multiple puns not intended). This would obviously be taking your project to a more serious level were you to actually invest money in it, but it would be so great to take out a new phone number just for this purpose and leave the answering machine always on. You could keep on collecting stats for an extended time and get a great magazine article or gallery installation out of it.

Also, my partner the librarian was just looking over my shoulder and he suggests that a pie chart would be better information design, that having the total number of guys represented as a bar on the graph is confusing.