Thursday, July 3, 2008

From G's to Gents to GENIUS

I feel like I imagined this because it's just too good to be true. Last night, as I was stoned and falling asleep, I swear to god I saw a commercial on MTV for a new reality show called From G's to Gents. The basic premise is that you turn gangsters into gentlemen - I guess kind of like Charm School for guys. I don't know how funny this will actually end up being, since it was created and will be potentially hosted by Jamie Kennedy, but the name is genius to me. I even called my friend Marshall and started giggling uncontrollably about it. When I woke up sober this morning it was still hilarious to me, so I have hope. I couldn't find any listings for it on the MTV website, but I did find an old casting call from January on Reality Wanted:

Now I'm picturing sexy thugs in tophats aka I'm swooning.



Jess's Mom said...

I saw a commercial for this, actually, so you weren't imagining things. It's supposedly coming on soon. And it is pretty much thugs learning how to be gentleman. You're going to love it. :-)

Marshall said...

This post fails to mention when she was hanging up I said "Be a gent not a G" and Jess got confused and offended and said "Wait, why did you say that?" haha.

Anonymous said...

This show is so fake. I grew up with Zenel from the Show. He's no gangster...he's a wanna be ganster. Never done time in jail...he did this show to boost up his modeling career. Makes me question why the others really came on the show.