Friday, July 25, 2008

Field Trip

Josh and I went to Battery Park yesterday because um, we're unemployed, so every day is like Saturday! Woo! We made a little video for you folks but it won't make it to Youtube because I look even more awful than usual and I'm not trying to start an internet riot or anything. Anyway, though we've lived here for two years, it was our first time at Battery Park and if you could get past the fact that those damn British used to hang slaves from the trees near the pier, it was almost, well, beautiful. (Goddamn, doesn't a sense of history ruin EVERYTHING?)

Below are some pictures from our adventures. For inquiring minds, the rest can be caught on Josh Shots:

This guy was stationed on the corner of Broadway and Prince outside the NRW stop yelling at people in the street for "going out too far" and warning that "there are sharks out there, folks! It's shark week!" Genius advertising, IMO.

Me blinded by sunlight

Tourists admiring the Statue of Liberty in the distance

Recording the pointless video

Josh is hot



Prescott said...

You really need to get a job, Jess, and meet some people. Josh ain't hot at all; he's an over the hill hipster who's more than twice your age. Do you think that he does not fantasize about you? Right now, he's the only one that keeps you company. Can't wait for you to go to France and meet someone who deserves your attention.

Jess and Josh said...

Prescott: I think you're confused. Josh's About Me is meant to be a joke. He's actually a few days YOUNGER than me-- we're both 20 and students at NYU. As for me getting a job - I agree with you, but since I only have a few days left in NY it didn't make sense to get another job for less than a week. I've worked nonstop since I was 15, so I'm well acquainted with the glories of the workforce. Also, we have other friends, they're just not part of this blog, which is probably why it seems like we're friendless. I mean, we sort of are, but not cripplingly so. And hopefully I will meet people in France who are just as amazing as Josh.

Prescott said...

You’re nothing but a narcissist. You were essentially created by inconsistent, frustrating parents. It makes sense that you would be attracted to the NYC, the consistent and the gratifying. Chain stores like Starbucks and CVS’s promise both–you always know what to expect and are rarely disappointed. The giant condo complexes that you want to live in offer round-the-clock services and gratify your infantile needs. You feel cut off from real human connection so you create constant pseudo-connections via cell phones, blogs, myspace, or Facebook.
- You feel empty and express your aggression through oral rage, writing compulsively and consuming aggressively.
- You are grandiose and believe the world revolves around you.
- You demand constant attention–making dramatic scenes is a favorite way to draw attention to yourself.
- Your hidden, deep belief in your own worthlessness makes you strive for being in the media world and the artist elite lifestyles, where a false sense of power temporarily lifts you up.
- At the extreme end, you are sociopathic, without conscience and without remorse–which is very dangerous.

Vanessa said...

I am so confused by the comments above me I actually am speechless. Is prescott a joke, like Josh's bio? That seems to be the only logical solution, right? Right????

Jess and Josh said...

Vanessa, I hope so. Because...nobody can be that stupid. Like, seriously, nobody can construct whole sentences (and bullet points!) but also be that much of an idiot.


PS. I'm a MODERN-DAY hipster, thank you very much. Don't you read craigslist?


Jess and Josh said...

Wait did I miss something? Who is that targeted at? Talk about being grandiose! It's essentially an indictment of OUR ENTIRE GENERATION. Which is a fair judgment to make, but not necessarily a fair judgment to cast upon only me and Josh. If that's what you're doing. I'm confused.

Anonymous said...

I think Prescott attempted and failed to analyze "your" entire character ("you" being who, again?). What's annoying is his authoritative tone, which is completely unfounded considering his entire rant is a non sequitur. But either way, all I wanted to say (before reading the other posts) was, "yay guerilla marketing!" Oh, and I love you guys.

LOLSAM said...

Why hasn't anyone addressed the fact that he said Josh fantasizes about Jessica?

Jess and Josh said...

I think perhaps because it's so absurd we just ignore it. I don't know. I'm still very confused.

me said...

me, me, me. look at me. look at the emperor's new clothes? aren't they purdy? your followers are as clueless as you. you thrive on a perceived notion of cultural superiority.

and as for your fedora hat wearing grandpa: you always have an inappropriate intensity for any given situation. it always seems that you refuse to have fun and are apparently successful at it.
you look with disdain upon mainstream human sexuality and affection. you don't have children. you don't do marriage. you do make-out as a planned activity, however.

Jess and Josh said...

If you would get off your high horse and deign to *read* our blog you would realize there is nothing superior about us. In fact, I'm positive we're pretty straightforward about our inferiority.

Now please. If you think we're so despicable please stop creating fake blogger accounts just to tell us so. Or if you feel the need to bathe us in your honest and far superior outlook, at least have the decency to put your name on it.

Jess and Josh said...

Also, for the record, while I anxiously await the day I do not need a fake, I hope I don't already pass for a 40-year-old. Or a grandpa.