Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Don't Cry For Me, Blog-en-tina

Hey blog world sorry it's been so long I've been busy blah blah blah.
There are a few things I want to discuss.

1. I stopped doing Guilty Pleasures, I know. To the five of you who read this blog for things that aren't feminist or media diatribes, I apologize. It's just that, no bull, I am so busy at work. Not necessarily every second of the day, but long story short I'm doing the work of two people, and that work is tedious and time-consuming. So when I have a spare minute at the office, no, I don't really want to browse my iPod for the worst music on there and then blog about it. And again, usually I don't. Possibly special Madonna edition coming up, because I love that woman but I've been watching her recent live performances's just not working out for her. She can sing okay, and she can dance okay, but she can't do both okay at the same time, even though that seems to be what she insists on achieving. I'm not going to comment on those hideous photos of her in the paparazzi--seriously, we've all had our bad days and our worse pictures, give her a break--but she's really showing her age, I think. Which is a shame because she was keeping it together so well; I mean, I saw her on the Confessions tour and she even pulled that off well. I think the reason for her recent oh-yeah-I'm-old-ness is that, much as I love (about half of) Hard Candy, it's really an album for the straights--not exactly her territory--and it's kind of R&B and she really took the easy way out with the producers and nobody is wearing your lingerie, Madonna. So, yeah, other than that, Guilty Pleasures is over.

2. I'm writing this at Bobst because NYU dormitory Internet is out for some reason, which bothers me because, um...I'm paying for it to be working, and it's not. No explanation, either--I went to the front desk and asked when it would be fixed, and the lady just told me, "I don't know. They're aware of it." Who's "they"? The five grad students charged with maintaining NYU's virtual presence are probably all too busy getting high and trying to get the hell out of New York (bon voyage, Jess!) because it's August and the city does indeed sleep in the month of August. Anyway, if you're reading this and you can fix my room's Internet, please do that. Prove me wrong, cyber-geeks.

2a. PS I actually secretly have a thing for cyber-geeks, so don't take it personally, Randall Munroe. (Mmmm.)

3. Oh yeah, why we got fired from our NYU jobs. Well, Jessica's reason is bullshit and she really shouldn't have lost her job over it, and I actually don't know if I can talk about it, but it involved something she posted on a coworker's Facebook Wall. How very millennial. As for me, I called my boss a flaming dyke and she found out. On Facebook. See how Facebook is changing our culture? Do a trend piece on us, Time.

4. I'm debating whether or not to go see The Dark Knight again. Like, I want to, and I want to watch it on a big screen, but twelve bucks is twelve bucks, man, and I don't know if that's appropriate for a repeat viewing. (By the way, IMDb users, number one? Really? Like, it was great, but not that great. Not Godfather great. Not even Annie Hall great, but I don't know why that movie is all the way down at #128. Come on people, let's at least give it double-digit status.)

5. Jess is leaving New York for a while (sad, I know), but I'm approaching a fairly scary/exciting milestone as well: this is my last week in the dorms! Then I'll be home for a little bit, and then in my brand new apartment! Which I think makes me .005% more New-Yorker, and I don't really know how I feel about that, because the more I scrap together change to buy lunch in a vending machine, the more I wonder if I really belong in this city or not. But that's a discussion for another time! For now...

6. ...remember this?? Still so good. Let go of every excuse and just watch it, masses!


(P.S. I don't know what that picture means either. I just Google Image Searched "blah.")

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