Saturday, July 5, 2008

And What I Don't Know

Oh, hey. Didn't see you there for a second. How are you? My name's Josh, and I'm the other half of this blog.

It's clear that Jess and I have different, um, posting schedules. And by that I mean, Jess will post 20 entries about feminism and sex and Important Ideas and then I'll come in with an entry about Cher and Phil Collins. So not only are our schedules different, but our content is too.

Obviously, we shouldn't be posting the same exact things. Our styles and senses of humor should be different. I shouldn't be focusing on feminism, nor should Jess be focusing on...well, what is it that I write about?

I've gotten that question, and I have not been deaf to the comments implying that I don't care about the blog, or asking why Jess posts way more than I do, or simply questioning my place in a largely, increasingly feminist body of work.

My answers to those three questions are: I do care, she does post more, and while I do not have such an interest in feminism, I do have ideas. I think. Let me explain.

When we started this blog, it was kind of a joke. Not like "ha ha we're on teh internetz," but it was really a reservoir for our thought and our jokes, a place for us to preserve the things we found funny as opposed to a public forum of discussion.. Over the past few months, though, it's clearly become more than that. We have a readership--a small but seemingly dedicated group of commenters and virtual passersby, to whom we are so grateful for the attention and the responsiveness--and we, Jess and (to a lesser extent) I, post our theories and reactions to events in the news, and a dialogue exists between the things we say and the things you respond with in the comments section.

But this all happened kind of quickly. As much as it did happen over time, it's kind of like we woke up one day and were being linked to and being interviewed for things. Jess has handled this very well, I think. But I've taken longer to adjust, mainly because I don't know how I feel about that.

It's great that our blog has achieved its modicum of popularity--again, I'm so grateful for that. But it's also kind of scary, you know? Like, people are reading this, and whether they comment or not, it's safe to say that these words now have a meaning I could never have foreseen. And now that our words matter, I find more than ever that I have embarrassingly little to say.

Jess has found her intellectual niche with feminism. I, on the other hand, have not found a field of study so enrapturing. You'd think it would be gay issues and things of that nature, but I think gay rights is more black-and-white than feminism; I doubt anyone reading this would disagree that gays should be treated fairly and equally in today's society, blah blah blah. And though there is surely more to say on the topic, at this point in my life I lack both the desire and the ability to study it and expound upon it with Jess's panache and thoroughness. There are a lot of reasons for that, but it boils down to the fact that at this point in time, Jess is far more academically motivated than I am, and where I'd spend a drunken night in the Lower East Side, she would spend it studying and honing her ideas. That's not a self-criticism, nor is it a critique on her lifestyle; we are simply different in that respect, and that difference makes itself apparent in our posting schedules for this blog. And then, you know, I still see this as more of a personal thing than an intellectual endeavor, and wouldn't think to post more than a couple times a day at most, because again, I just don't have that much to say.

So, yes, I do care about Jess and Josh Talk About Stuff. I care very much. That's what this boils down to. I am not asking for equal attention or lots of comments. I am simply clearing some things up. Both our names are on that header, but when one person is doing most of the work, I think the other should explain himself.

I can't promise that I'll post more here than I already do, and I say that because I don't want to mislead you: I cannot and will not be speaking of the Great Issues of Our Time. I think it's better to joke about what you do know than preach what you don't, and there are many, many more things I don't know than I do. And yes, Jess will continue more than I will, simply because I think we have different philosophies on the proper output for a personal blogger. Neither is correct, obviously, and equally obvious is the fact that the more efficient poster will have more verbal weight, and I fully accept that. I just want you all to know. I am so so happy for Jess. She gets emails from fans across the freaking country, and that's awesome. She is, ironically, in her own small way, becoming the very role model whose existence she questioned in the post below this one. And I understand that my views on posting and blogging will probably not yield such lucrative results for me, but that's okay, because as this blog's title suggests, we're talking about stuff. And I love posting in a place where one minute it's all about media and how it relates to our ever-changing society, and the next minute it's all about Dee Snider. For now, I am dee-lighted to be a part of it.


P.S. I've been getting into photography lately--stupid, amateur photography, but whatever. When I upload pictures later, I'll show you how mine and Jess's Fourth of July went, and then you can expect more photos from me in the future, to show you what goes on when I go out, because I'm weird and want to share those things with you. Hooray for alternative media!


Jess and Josh said...

I'm gonna be corny right quick, but I am DEElighted to be your best friend. Let's keep talkin about stuff, shall we?


Anonymous said...

JOSH I LOVE YOU! we need both of you, when you do post it is very important and refreshing.

`nk said...

I agree with anonymous. I don't really know how to explain it, but there's such a great dynamic between you and Jess. I love when i'm reading a serious post, and i can immediately tell if it's written by you or Jess without scrolling to the end. You guys have very different voices, but they go together very well, both literally and figuratively. ; )