Sunday, June 29, 2008


Just a few housekeeping things:

1. My friend Duncan has a new blog. It's going to be incredible, and with three posts up it kind of already is. Do us all a favor and check it out. I also added it to our blogroll for easy access.

2. I know I never reviewed it, but Indecision was one of the best coming of age novels I've read since Catcher in the Rye. I highly recommend it.

3. As my trip to Paris inches ever closer, I continue to become more and more frantic in my fear of leaving New York. I haven't been away from the city for more than a few weeks in a very long time, and I'm terrified. I remember when I moved to Philadelphia when I was 12 the most crucial thing that kept me up at night was the idea that life would go on without me. I hate that feeling, and also things are seeming to coalesce in terms of writing and networking, and I'm afraid to cut that off for four months fucking around (quite literally) drunkenly in Paris. I'm sure it will end up being the experience of a lifetime, but I'm terrified for the same reason I refuse to entertain different walking routes to and from work every day: I suck at change. Like, really, really suck. As for the blog, I will try to obviously keep updating while I'm in Paris, but Josh has promised a more robust posting schedule on his part, so we will try to keep it afloat. These things shouldn't necessarily matter for a handful of months, but what can I say? Not only am I a worrier, but I'm also a preemptive worrier. OhmygodnowonderI'mboyfriendless.



nina said...

I understand...I'm sooo bad at adapting to change and I'm sooo good at worrying. I think it'll be a great new perspective for your blog though - you can report from Paris while Josh reports from good old NYC. You've got the two most amazing cities covered! (Also, if you want/need help with more posts, feel free to give me a shout). We'll miss you, darling :)

LOLSAM said...

oh my gawdddd
i just realized you'll be reporting from gay paris!