Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Tribute to Cigarettes

New York's new cigarette tax went into effect today, causing most stores to charge upwards of $10/pack. Because of this - oh, and the fact that cigarettes are awful for you - this summer I'm actually going to try to quit smoking. I've started to take running kind of seriously and I really can't spend $30-40/week on cigarettes, so that's the sad reality. Here's a photographic tribute to cigarettes of Josh and I puffing away as I embark on the beginning of my journey to quit:



Carter said...

GEEZ, Parliaments are only #3.25 here. I would be happy to mail you some just to boycott those prices. That is ridiculous.

Power Bill ----


Cigarettes ----?


Jess and Josh said...

Carter - $3.25! Goddamn! That sounds like a dream come true. Where do you live?