Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Okay, it's about time I started this thing. I'm actually a little nervous. But, when you don't have roommates to annoy talk to, you know, you gotta get your kicks somehow.

6:42 pm: The tin smells like a teabag. A really strong teabag that has some tobacco in it. But yeah...tobacco tea. I'm sure they sell that in Texas or something.

6:43 pm: Okay, I'm gonna put one of them in my mouth. Under my upper lip, to be precise. I guess I just...leave the bag in there? I don't know, it seems weird to me, like, where is that bag gonna go?

6:44 pm: Okay, whoa. By "tingle" they must mean "burning sensation," because ow, this hurts. And the pouch is pretty much too big to fit behind my upper lip without part of it sticking out in front of my teeth. I have to keep my mouth in a certain awkward position to make the damn thing stay up there. I bet I look so cool.

6:49 pm: Okay, my gum doesn't hurt anymore; it is indeed simply tingling. But now my head hurts. How much nicotine, compared to a normal cigarette, am I getting anyway?

6:50 pm: And now I'm getting lightheaded. But this is kind of how I felt the first time I had (really had, as in inhaled, not just put in my mouth) a cigarette, so I don't know if this is the "typical" reaction or not. But I don't really like this, and what the hell is going to happen to the bag in thirty minutes? I thought there wasn't any spitting required, but I can't see how the bag itself is going to dissolve.

6:54 pm: Ashley says, "LOL it sounds like you're eating a warhead." But, you know, with lots of typos and stuff because it's Ashley.

6:55pm: You know, I had a big craving for nicotine before I tried the Snus, but now I can feel it somewhat subsiding. Like I still want one--my lungs seem to want that smoke--but overall I don't feel like I have to have one. As much. Sort of. I have a pouch beneath my lip.

By the way, that's what an unused Snus looks like.

7:07: Okay, so how's it working? Well I still feel the tingling. And when I really start craving a cigarette, my fingers start to tingle and my eyes feel like they're getting dry, both of which is still happening but not nearly as bad as it normally would be by now. The problem is that I still have that heavy feeling in my throat, in which (ironically) I feel like I can't breathe properly unless I smoke a cigarette. I think that comes more from the act of smoking than from the nicotine, though. So I guess the Snus is sort of working. I still don't know what to do with the damn pouch.

7:15 pm: Well, it's been thirty minutes. Time to de-Snus. As you can tell by the above picture, the aftertaste is awful. My gum feels...weird, and I vaguely taste the tobacco-tea-ness. Plus, there's still plenty of tobacco left in the pouch, which I promptly disposed of. I feel like either I did this wrong, you're supposed to keep it in your mouth for far longer than thirty minutes, or it's just a stupid product. I guess if I were stuck on a plane or something I would use Snus to help curb the cravings, but I still want to smoke an actual cigarette--it's that damn heavy-lungs thing. Maybe Snus just take time to really "work," but I can't see myself replacing cigarettes with them.

Oh well, at least they were free.



Jess and Josh said...

I think I enjoy the act of bringing a cigarette to my lips, inhaling and exhaling far too much to become an enSNUsiast.


dhani said...

omg is that like chewing tobacco?! if so, dontttt do it. chewing tobacco is way worse for you and way more addictive than regular cigarettes and leads to mouth cancer almost 100% of the time, which, i mean all cancers are awful of course but if i had to choose i would say mouth cancer is the grossest...

John Gault said...

If you want good snus buy it from Sweden, which is where it came from. They make lots of good tasting snus. You can keep snus in for an hour or more if you like. Nicotine takes longer to hit your blood stream when you snus, but your nicotine levels are also more steady. Thus you have less of the high and low you get from smoking.

dhani is very wrong though. Chewing tobacco, dip, and snus do no lead to mouth cancer 100% of the time. In fact smoking is much more likely to lead to mouth cancer than smokeless tobacco. There is extensive research, particularly from Sweden that demonstrates the fact that snus is much safer for you than smoking. And even if you consider the tobacco companies to be evil you have to think that in today's world, where they have been made to pay billions for claims of health damage and death due to smoking, they wouldn't be looking to open a whole new can of worms by getting into smokeless tobacco if it were so dangerous.