Monday, June 2, 2008

The Smartest Skirt in the Land

There's an article in The New Republic (I know, stifle your snark for just a moment and let me get on with it) chronicling badass Nancy Pelosi and her accomplishments and the decidedly feminine wiles she's mastered that have helped her to achieve those accomplishments. Pelosi stands in stark contrast to Clinton: Nancy Pelosi is like, Chanel, and Hillary Clinton is lucky to be considered Dress Barn.

I'm not sure what The New Republic is getting at, and actually as I type this I find my face caught in such an intense and disturbing frown that I'm realizing how annoyed and perturbed I am by this article. I'm glad they're championing a female politican - because we all know they are few and far between - but look at the fucking picture they used:Oh yeah I'm glad that they can boil down one of the most powerful women in the nation to a childlike caricature of her face with JEWELRY AS HER FEATURES! What the FUCK?! Show me a picture of one of the Daily Kos editors or fucking John McCain with typically "masculine" tools as his facial features and I'll shut the fuck up. But you're not going to find it. Because rarely do people questions men's masculinity in a political arena. But women are forced to contend with this shit, and also bear cutesy nicknames like "skirt." No seriously. Read this:

Still others suspect the speaker has calculated that she'd have more influence under President Obama than President Clinton--partly because Obama has more limited Washington experience than Hillary and partly because, as the Hillary adviser snarks, under Clinton, Pelosi would lose the advantages that attend being "the most senior skirt in the land."

First of all, Hillary doesn't wear skirts. And second of all? Fuck you. I hope Nancy Pelosi uses her femininity and the Power of the Skirt to conjure up something awful to rain down upon you Mr. Hillary Adviser. You too, New Republic. You should be ashamed of yourselves.


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