Monday, June 30, 2008

Shoot the Messenger

Tonight I'm going to this event, which features Tracie and Moe from Jezebel. It's five blocks from my apartment and it's a talk show plus Q+A session about feminism, sex, politics and "oversharing." I'm going even though I had to charge the ticket to my Dad's credit card because I only have $10 until Thursday. And like... I'm going to spend that money on cigarettes. Today I had to eat a 99 cent thing of Trail Mix and a piece of cheese on a piece of bread that my friend Joe so kindly bestowed upon me. And all I have in my fridge are four Morningstar Farms veggie dogs and a half empty cannister of Chock Full O' Nuts coffee. So... this is what it's like to be young in New York. Young. And broke. And hungry.

Anyway, I'm assuming it will function much like the n+1 panel discussion I went to a few weeks ago, so I'll try to surreptitiously take notes and put a piece together about it. If any of you readers out there in Blogland are going, let me know, because I'm (of course) going alone as I have few close friends who are interested in things of this nature slash are willing to spend $17 on it. See you there?



LOLSAM said...

oh wow. i totally would go, but i just put down $49.39 on my gym membership. i am eating ramen tonight.

shloo said...

/have jobs that end mad late