Monday, June 2, 2008

The Secret to Love Lives at Dairy Queen

While enjoying a cigarette in the gorgeous New York weather just now, Josh and I actually unlocked the secret to love. It went something like this:

JOSH: I really want a Blizzard from DQ right now. (DQ = Dairy Queen)

JESS: I really want a boyfriend.

JOSH: It's the small things first: Blizzard, then boyfriend.

JESS: It's more like refusing the Blizzard, then getting a boyfriend. First gym then comes boyfriend.

JOSH: How about a boyfriend who buys you a Blizzard?

JESS: Okay so... gym, then boyfriend who doesn't care if you eat a Blizzard, then a Blizzard. I think we've just discovered what love really is.



Marshall said...

Buy him a Blizzard. It's the new age.

Marshall said...

Also please buy me one.