Saturday, June 21, 2008


Josh and I have a strange sense of humor, but perhaps some of you can appreciate it. This morning we were digging into our past to unearth some of the Youtube videos we used to watch religiously and were confronted with the startling fact that they're still fucking hilarious. Here are our top favs:

1. Louis CK Animation: Combining graphic animation (plus a tophat that comes out of NOWHERE) with familial resentment is the new humorous coming of age novel.

2. Thomas Hampson's "Shenandoah" Performed on GMA: With a baritone that could "circle the universe," and posture like that socially awkward kid in your high school who didn't learn how to masturbate until junior year, Hampson brings tears to my eyes with his Songs about America.

3. Anything Can Happen on Halloween: I'm pretty sure this is from some bizarre occult made for TV movie from the 90's (Josh's note: it's from The Worst Witch, it was indeed made for TV, and it also has Charlotte Rae of Facts of Life fame. It is as glorious as it sounds), but skip forward to 3:30 for the strangest/most hilarious moments, or to 3:50 for a little surprise.

4. Patrick Stewart Sings the Alphabet: I don't even like Star Trek but LOL at when someone tosses him a cane.

5. 2 Legged Horse: A new find. As Josh puts it, "Every time I think I'm over it I look back at the screen and it's still funny."



matt said...

the halloween video gave me an acid flashback

Marshall said...

1) Louis CK rulez. Dane Cook droolz.

2) When I was in 8th Grade they wanted to make 'Oh Shenandoah' our new State song, but I believe it was rejected for a song written by Jimmy Dean. As in sausages.

3) Has anybody seen my tamborine?

PS does anybody else think Hampson looks like a full size version of the dad from Little People Big World?