Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Law and Order: Manipulative Intent

A few years ago my best friend from high school, Meg, was involved in a pretty serious car accident. There's this horrible corner that you have to turn out of to get from our neighborhood to the main road in our town; it's so blind, even the best driver could be subject to getting into an accident there. My mom and I were headed to Starbucks the morning she got into the crash, and actually drove by the scene literally a few seconds after the crash occurred. I saw Meg climbing from the metal heap of her car (luckily, it was a Honda so she wasn't too badly injured - unluckily, her car was totaled) so of course I had my Mom stop and I got out and helped her. Her parents were rather M.I.A. so I kept trying to call them, and sat with her when the ambulance came, etc. It was a pretty terrifying event, especially for Meg, who was a young and unsure driver, and who had been T'd by a truck who was definitely speeding.

Meg's Dad is the successful president of a hospital, so naturally one can assume that the driver would sue her. I heard him say, "It was my fault, I was speeding." But now he's trying to blame Meg for the accident.

The point of this story is that I got a subpeona to give my deposition to the guy's lawyer, and I'm nervous because I've watched enough Law and Order: SVU episodes to know the nuances of the interrogation room. What if I accidentally lie? What if I'm manipulated into saying something I don't mean? I'm not very good at telling the truth. What if one of the interrogators gets mad and hits me? Or they give me a cup of water and they use it to take my DNA and run it through the system?

Okay I'm not like a suspect in a crime but this still kind of terrifies me. Someone help!


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Marshall said...

When I was 12 my cousin and I were hit by a speeding driver who turned out to be the son of the mayor of the beach town. When my mom came to take pictures of the accident scene the next day for insurance, she found all the skidmarks and broken glass had been removed. Mondo sketcho.

By the way it doesn't sound like your deposition is going to involve any police officers, as hot as that may be. More likely some lawyers and a secretary taking notes. How passe!