Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm Almost Cool

Because I almost saw Jay-Z and P. Diddy at a club last night. Apparently they were there, and I really really really wanted to at least catch a glimpse--come on, wouldn't you?--but I couldn't see anything past the horde of weed-reeking bodyguards and members of their seemingly endless posses. Whatever. I did, for the record, see many bitches, hos, and ladies shaking it like a saltshaker.


P.Fucking.S. (From Jess): He also saw Julia Allison which was even more exciting to me. Apparently she looked really drunk. You go girl.


LOLSAM said...

was julia part of the posse?

Jess and Josh said...

But I couldn't get a photo of her! Ugh. I was about two drinks away from losing any sense of dignity D had and just running up to her and shouting "OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU'RE A REAL PERSON."