Saturday, June 21, 2008

I am Neurotic(er)

I think I am Neurotic is supposed to comfort us by providing a platform where neurotics can claim solidarity and share the freaky OCD-esque things we do so we don't have to feel alone. Because really, OCD can be pretty lonely. I have to do the weirdest things - like count to three before I get into the shower, and knock on things three times in sets of three, and repeat all these mini prayers in my head three times before I can go to sleep, and when running all the numbers have to have 3's in them such as 3 miles=33 minutes, etc... and let's not even get started on my rituals dealing with food.

But the problem with I am Neurotic is that it doesn't make me feel less alone, in fact, it just adds fuel to the OCD fire. All of these people have great reasons for why they do the things they do. Such as not eating off of restaurant plates/silverware (I never even considered how many germs they must have, despite the dishwasher) or being unable to see a clock change to the next minute without it bringing bad luck. I mean, the reasons aren't that logical, but for someone whose OCD is rooted in a myriad of practically unnecessary superstitions, it completely makes sense to me. So instead of appreciating my fellow neurotics, it just ends up making me more neurotic, as I subconsciously adopt their strange habits as well. I guess it's kind of like a bunch of crackheads hanging out - the more you surround yourself with people with similar problems, the worse your problems get.


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LOLSAM said...

tell that to amy winehouse