Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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Anonymous said...

An uncle at the New York Times?!? That ain't nothing, sister. I think the comments on that post are great, too: if you really want it be prepared to do things a lot more degrading than trading sex for promotions, work ridiculously hard and be real, real lucky.

A very, very small percentage of people in this country are lucky enough to be able to write and think and basically be smart for a living, and anyone who does it well probably worked like an animal when they were young. Not everyone who has a job in NY media got there b/c of nepotism, just enough that it's disheartening. So much of getting a job in the media is subverting your own style, squashing your "inner Fitzgerald," which often makes you a better writer because you're less likely to be indulgent.

But you shouldn't listen to me, I used to want to work in journalism and changed my mind...bc it's too competitive! :)