Friday, June 13, 2008

The Comeback

So like, you know when something bad happens, and your body gets all pins and needles and you feel like there's a lobster in your throat and maybe also that someone is sitting on you? But it's that bad heaviness, not the good heaviness like "I want someone on top of me," but instead like GET THIS FUCKING THING AWAY FROM ME. I'm feeling that now. But I will triumph! I took the day off work because I am not in control of my emotions, but I will get in control, and also get a mani/pedi, and go write in Columbus Park, because Alec has inspired me to write The Next Great American Novel, and really there's nothing more cathartic. Plus, I thrive off of disaster, but I should probably shower, and stop chain smoking, and not drink 904432 cups of coffee. I will not sit here and wait for the atom bomb. If I am M.I.A. for a few days it is because I have holed myself up in Think Coffee or on the south side of Columbus Park with my laptop and six cans of Sugarfree Red Bull because I will turn this into something good if it kills me.



Anonymous said...

bonne chance!

Michael said...

jess, if you write a book, i will be sure to buy a copy.