Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer is for Reading

I've been reading more books this summer (fiction and nonfiction!) than I did the entire school year, mostly because this time I get to choose books I'm interested in, and I have a lot of time at work to do nothing but read. That said, I'm currently reading The Emporer's Children by Claire Messud and it is just incredible. Her detail is so very Dostoyevsky-esque without coming off as annoying. And one of these quotes totally caught my eye because OMG! This is so me in relationship situations!

"It was vital not to seem to care too much, and yet to seem ready to care; vital to seem to give rather than to take; and vital to be amusing and amused in the face of adversity."

Soooo true.

Also this book came with a little note in the back (I got it from the NY Public Library on Mulberry) typed up by "an annoyed reader" that said:

This book is a Tour de Force from a wordy mind and eyes very involved with detail, until it describes sex and then the detail is barely evident? Why?

To which I replied:

Perhaps Messud, like her characters, is an anxious product of the bourgois class whose WASPy attitudes eclipse their ability to discuss sex in any real way. Or maybe she's just a prude.

It's true, she doesn't describe sex in a very detailed way. But I vote that we should all include little thoughts like these on slips of paper and hide them in the book jackets. It makes reading fun and interesting and it's cool to know that someone out there - even if they're anonymous - is thinking and reading in a similar way.


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Nina said...

I read this book last summer! It's amazing, I especially like her style of writing.