Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de SUCKo

Is it me, or did today really suck? Not only did my physician keep me waiting for 40 minutes for my study abroad clearance physical to tell me I'm perfectly healthy (though, and I quote: "You should really stop smoking marijuana"), but my dad screamed "FUCK YOU! WHO DO YOU FUCKING THINK YOU ARE?" at me over the phone (TMI?) and I was so busy running from place to place (class, class, work, student health center, class, home, Think coffee) that my brain feels like a balloon, floating ever further into the atmosphere.

Some good things did happen, though. For one, I got to meet the illustrious Duncan, NYU Inc. operator, NYU Local contributer, and Village Voice intern extraordinaire. After he accosted me while stoned on Saturday and I reacted with a graceless mix of confusion and retardness, I decided I should rectify the situation and prove to him that yes, I can act like a normal person. We talked about the sorry state of NYU and the world in general over peppermint tea. I'm working on a piece about NYU Inc. for NYU Local in the coming days, and you guys should definitely have a look at their website, as well as join their Facebook group. Their mission statement is awe-inspiring.

Another thing: I did a watered down piece of this story for NYU Local, but you guys should check it out. It's gotten a lot of great responses so far. It's true what they say: sex sells!

For all of you celebrating Cinco De Mayo: um, cool. I'm just gonna sit here in my pajamas and check out some Law and Order: SVU reruns. =/


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Jess and Josh said...

Sitting in your pajamas? Lame.

I'M reading about Friedrich Engels and the transformation from Romanticism to the Victorian in the early 19th century. Yeahhhhh.