Friday, May 23, 2008

We Did Anal in High School, What Did You Ever Do?

Alex Pereene is my new favorite Gawker writer, mostly because he wrote an anti-Robert Lanham article, much the same as the one on millenialls I penned last week. He seems to concur with a lot of my sentiments: mainly, the problems (our addiction to Apple, obsession with global warming, distaste for the Clintons) Lanham ascribes to the millennials are primarily due to the ignorance of the Gen Xer's. They completely screwed us, so of course we continue to cling to the one good thing we can perpetually hold over their heads: we totally did get to do anal in high school. Now just accept the fact that Obama's got this thing in the bag.



Jess and Josh said...

I really like Pareene's piece. That said, when he claimed that "Of Montreal suck. They're one of those boring, inoffensive groups we Millennials market to indie-nostalgic old guys," I had to pause. Is he serious? Most people my age (that are aware of them) LOVE of montreal, and I would never call them boring. Boo for that, Pareene.


Cody Brown said...


There needed to be a response to this. I actually wrote Robert Lanham a blistering email in response to his piece. He told me it was meant to be a joke then friended me on facebook.

go figure.