Friday, May 23, 2008

Sites that Save From Suicide

Drinkin, smokin, bloggin

If you're going crazy with boredom at work, as I spend 7 hours Monday-Friday doing, then you probably have a whole slew of websites you frequently visit in an attempt to assuage the pain of your going-nowhere-fast office job. My roommate Ashley, who was currently also hired at my office, asked me what sites I read to entertain myself. Below are some of my favorite websites that keep me from tightening the noose. Feel free to leave others because I could always use more distractions.

1. The Gawker Blogring Trifecta
- Gawker: Manhattan Media News and Gossip - and snark.
- Jezebel: Celebrity, Sex, Fashion For Women Without Airbrushing - and snark.
- Defamer: The L.A. Gossip Rag - and snark.

2. New York Magazine: They always have a few good articles, but it's even more fun to make fun of the bad ones.

3. Craigslist: Missed Connections, Jobs and Personals are my favorite sections.

4. Various Fashion Websites
- Fashion Toast: A cute half-Japanese girl in California takes pictures of her daily vintage digs.
- Who What Wear Daily: Their motto says it all - We don't care who you're dating or if you eat. We just care about what you wear.
- Fashionista: Whoever runs this website has perfected the art of Photoshop.

5. Various Celeb Gossip Sites
- Perez Hilton: Naturally.
- D Listed: What Perez doesn't post.
- Pink is The New Blog: I was loyal to Trent before I became a Perez convert. I still stop by every now and then to check in on him.

6. Ariana Huffington Rulez the Internetz
- The Huffington Post: They have everything. Really.
- 23/6: A snarkier version of Huffpo.

7. Various Personal Blogs
- One D At A Time: Tracie Egan a.k.a. Jezebel's Slut Machine's personal blog.
- Four Four: Tracie's friend Rich, and also a fellow Amanda enthusiast.
- LolSam: I'm biased. It's my friend Sam's blog.
- College Callgirl: A college sex worker. NSFW but I read it anyway.

8. Radar Mag: Even if they allow bitter Gen Xers to pen bullshit.

What do you guys read? I trust whole-heartedly in these sites, but there's only so many times I can hit "refresh" on Gawker and not feel like an asshole.



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i like Kanye's blog

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