Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Shame of AIM

There are few things more shameful than previous screen names. They seem to capture the person you were at the time, and that person is almost always an asshole.

Prior screen names of mine include:

1. Actress151
2. GlittrSkies13 (as in the SKY, not SKIING, as embarrassingly pointed out by a high school crush)
3. PinkPlaidPunk13
4. rockin suburbia
5. avec nos coeurs (This was my emo stage, it means "With our hearts" in French. Ooh la la!)

My roommate Ashley's former screen names include:

1. Cream Puff eeeek
2. rawrsaidthewhore
3. rawrsaidyourmom
4. WatsThatBulgeMrG
5. TheOldestRebel
6. La Muchachaa
7. AshleyPocahontas
9. PepGirly14

Other past screen names belonging to various friends include:
1. CutiePye
2. Quicksilver4023
3. Ninerzguy18 (JOSH!)
4. EdibleBachelor
5. PrepSkoolBadGirl
6. PixieKitty16
7. Familyguy21888 (Josh's note: also mine, and whatever it's a funny show)

Who can top PinkPlaidPunk13?



Marshall said...

I am still proud of coming up with such a lewd play on words at such a young age, though its lewdness was pointed out to me by my own mother.

shloo said...

I don't remember agreeing to this entry, but w/e I'm not ashamed...I do hope Mr.G finally got fired though.

not that it makes too much of a different but fyi it should read:
1- creampuffeeeek
2- rawrsaidthewhore
3- rawrsaidyourmom

Jess and Josh said...

shloo - i figured i didn't have to approve, since it's on josh's facebook, which is where i got the list.

Anonymous said...


It was supposed to include my love of Jesus and my love of playing the guitar (and writing my own worship songs, for instance: "It's time to cast things off and just dive in/Am I going to sink or will I swim?"