Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sarah Jessica Parker Incredibly Likeable, Despite the Best Efforts of New York Magazine

This week's New York Magazine cover story is a shameless plug for Sex and the City: The Movie, and I 100% ate that shit up.
You can tell the author, Emily Nussbaum, has a love/hate relationship with SATC and its protagonist, Carrie Bradshaw, played by the luminous Sarah Jessica Parker. But we all do. I hate myself for loving the puns, the degredation of women's complicated emotions down to a love affair with Manolo's, the gratuitous sex scenes, the fact that they all end up happy in the end (ugh how fucking unrealistic WAS that? But god I could watch the series finale over and over again and still cry when Carrie and Big kiss in that park by the Louvre).

In the article, Sarah Jessica Parker laments the gentrification of a neighborhood that both she and her character had a dubious hand in ushering in. Jezebel calls it hypocritical, but I have a problem with the gentrification of The Bowery, and then I go visit Josh at his NYU dorm on The Bowery and 2nd street at least once a week.

She's also intelligent, and she "looks her age," two qualities that are buried beneath the droves of 40-something actresses like Terri Hatcher whose Botox treatments have gone straight to a brain that was never quite there to begin with. Her relationship with Matthew Broderick is enviable, at worst.

The one thing that did bother me, however, was her prudishness. It's endearing that she uses phrases like "a bee in my bonnet," but it's almost as if she's taken on this wholesome attitude and appearance because otherwise she would be exactly like Carrie Bradshaw. And there's nothing celebrities hate more than an inability to peel themselves away from the character they're best known for. If she did allow Carrie's sexual prowess to infiltrate her own notions of sex, then she and Carrie would be so indistinguishable that SJP would probably off herself, and Matthew Broderick would have to find someone else to play chess with in all his contrarian reclusiveness.

I don't agree with Maxim's declaration that Ms. Parker is the unsexiest woman alive, but I can certainly see where Carrie's sex appeal overshadows SJP's. SJP's mother hen schtick is endearing, sure, but a little bit of Carrie injected into her sex values wouldn't be such a bad thing.

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LOLSAM said...

LOVED this article (both the nymag one and your review).

i love how everyone is now blaming the gentrification of the west village on marc jacobs.

not that the west village was ever really UN-gentrified.