Monday, May 12, 2008

Jimmy Fallon Continues To Make People Think He's Funny

Nooo! Jimmy Fallon is going to be the next "Late Night" host when Conan moves to LA to replace Jay Leno sometime next year.

Okay, Jimmy Fallon is probably the least funny of all the ex-SNL stars. He could never keep a straight face during the skits when he was on the show. After he left, he proceeded to star in such great comedies, Fever Pitch and Taxi. Yes, Taxi, that awful Queen Latifah film. Check out its imdb rating--4.2, people. The Internet doesn't lie.

I don't understand this guy's appeal. Sure, he's sort of good looking, in that scrappy-guy-who-could-be-your-neighbor kind of way. But late-night hosts don't need that; in fact, part of Conan's whole shtick was that he was a super-white, dorky Irish guy. Leno has about a thousand chins, and Letterman is, well, Letterman. You know who else is a decent looking talk-show host? Carson Daly. CARSON GODDAMN DALY. Is that really what NBC is using as a basis for comparison?

I think Lorne Michaels chose Fallon simply because it was easy. As an SNL alum, you know Fallon's got ties at NBC, and rather than risk looking bad and doing a frantic search for their next late-night host, Michaels and NBC wanted to keep things easy and stayed within the company. Because I absolutely do not believe that he picked Fallon based on comedic merit. Conan was a Harvard-educated Simpsons writer, back when the Simpsons was the best show on television. Letterman had to go through a lot of crap before making it to his late-night post--at one point, he was even a weatherman, and apparently a very funny, unpredictable one at that. I really don't care about Jay Leno because I hate him. Point is, Conan and Letterman both proved their comedic worth before being offered their jobs; what exactly has Fallon done to prove he can hold down a popular talk show by himself?

Who knows. Maybe I'm wrong and Fallon will be the perfect guy for the job. But it just seems like such a shame that legitimately funny, talented candidates were passed over in favor of a mediocre movie star who doesn't exactly have a great reputation.



matt said...

i don't like this at all. how is he still famous?

Marshall said...

Michael Ian Black was actually up for the LATE LATE SHOW after Kilborn quit in 2004, but was passe over obvious for Craig Ferguson.

Jimmy Fallon has pretty much been NBC's lady in waiting for awhile, and was in a holding pattern for them since Leno announced his retirement. They just made him promise not to get talented or interesting in the meantime.

One small joy, if Carson Daly's show isn't cancelled which it looks like it will be, is having Jimm Fallon's talk show followed by the man he immortalized as a massive tool.

Latifah is my girl! said...

"awful Queen Latifah film"

I'm boycotting this blog.

Marshall said...

My inablity to conjugate words is becoming severe. My apologies for turning your comments section into the phone interview montage in MRS. DOUBTFIRE.

I. am. job. Also I am reminding myself, to my continued dismay, that lady in waiting doesn't mean what I want it to.