Thursday, May 29, 2008


In light of this, and the media and the general public basically conceding that, well, Chris Matthews is a Total Dick, I thought I'd share a little insider info on Mr. Hardball himself.

Chris Matthews is from my township, and sent his kids to the neighboring elite prep school where boys I used to fuck attended. I think his brother's kids actually go to the high school I graduated from. Anyway, one time my Dad was at a work conference in Aspen for leaders and thinkers or some shit like that. Chris was there, and my dad, always the Hardball/Atlantic Monthly/New Republic fan, took the chance to strike up a conversation with him. When my Dad revealed that he was the (then) principal of Springfield Township High School, Chris Matthews, whose father graduated from STHS, broke out into the Alma Mater song, which began something like "Here now today/we pause to pray" which in retrospect is filled with religious imagery and just generally makes me uncomfortable.
My Dad said he was nice enough, but then again they didn't really get into any discussions about Hillary Clinton that would allow Matthews to allude to the fact that his Catholic upbringing naturally made him sexist and so he thinks that she's maybe kind of a bulldyke.



Marshall said...

The only time I met Chris Matthews was backstage at a High School theater thing at the Kennedy Center, and he and his then local newscaster wife were waiting to present something. He just kept rocking on his heels, saying "Our boy is out there. Legacy of greatness. Haha. Legacy of greatness".

Later he was seen jogging through the hall of national flags quoting Tip O'Neill and the Kennedys.

He wants to either run against Specter or replace Rendell in 2010 apparently, so it's only going to great crazier. A national treasure.

Marshall said...

P.S., calling Hillary Madam Defarge has the double benefit of A) making him seem well read and B) being absurdly apt.

I didn't see Jezebel complaining when Pat Buchanan called Obama a Black street hustler, or Fox News' surrogates repeated uses of phrases like shuck and jive. Maybe I should be checking XXL?

This sexism being as bad as racism thing just doesn't fly, and it's one of the things about this primary that I'll miss least. I'm all for bemoaning buffoonery, but it gets pretty scary when people get villified for often just tactlessly dealing with the concept of sexism.

Cut him some slack, it's still hard for the Irish to get honest work.