Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Emily Gould Suicide Watch

It's hard out here for a pimp, and also for up-and-coming mini media mogul Emily Gould. Over at Jezebel she likened herself to a modern day Carrie Bradshaw navigating the pitfalls and benefits (but mostly the pitfalls) of living in the newspaper-controlled iron jungle of New York City. Her New York Times Magazine article received such negative and venemous comments that eventually the thread was shut down, though the Times claims that's not the reason for its closing.

Her Jezebel article is depressing and expresses a subtle, anxious regret that you can only really siphon from between the lines. Is Emily a narcissist? Sure, but aren't all New Yorkers career-driven, fast-talking, cigarette smokers with a bunch of one night stands scratched into their bedposts and a not-so-dusty bottle of Georgi stored in the freezer to be pulled out for nights full of tears and self-examination? Are we not all self-obsessed? Ms. Emily is not the first, and she won't be the last. So for fuck's sake, stop picking on her, even if she does go the Julia Allison route and describe herself through a complicated net of Carrie Bradshaw metaphors.
UPDATE: Gawker also just reported that Emily and n+1 asshole and king of the Russian intellectual literatti, Keith Gessen, have broken up. (Too insidery?) Yo, Keith. I find your pretension and thick au naturale eyebrows endearing. If we date (read: fuck and mutually use each other as literary muses) I promise not to blog about you... too much.

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