Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Diab-HO Cody

Bless those soon-to-be-fired Super Deluxe people. They've been churning out hilarious, original videos for years (which is probably why a lot of them will be laid off in the coming weeks, duh. ) And this is no exception. In the wake of the Juno backlash, screenwriter Diablo Cody has taken a lot of hits--including a particularly memorable series of jabs from her leading lady, Ellen Page! So even though there's nothing particularly new in this send-up, I still thought it was really well-done. And that actress does a great Diablo impression; I actually thought it was Cody herself for a second.

(PS--Yes, I know I'm up heinously early for Josh-in-summer time. I'm about to take that final I was telling you about. No, I'm not studying anymore.)


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