Monday, May 5, 2008

Cheerleaders Punished For Being Sexy, Doing What Cheerleaders Do

What happens when the Arizona State school administration discovers racy photos of six of its cheerleaders? It cuts the entire squad, that's what.

The fact that the entire team was punished for a few members' indiscretions aside, this is absolutely ridiculous for a few reasons. First, there will apparently be no cheerleaders at all sporting events next year. What is that going to do for school morale? Cheerleading is a big part of the college sports experience (from, you know, what I hear), and without that presence, something will surely feel missing from the games. It's not fair to the student body that the administration has decided to be prudish and cut the entire squad, nor is it fair to the athletes who bust their asses to participate in collegiate athletics and who probably rely on the efforts of these cheerleaders, in conjunction with support from the fans, to get through the games (and, you know, drunken frat parties, but that's a different story.)

Also, the photos are two years old. Are you kidding me? Did the administration just stumble upon these photos now? Did some jealous freshman girl rejected from the squad send them in? Either way, this is a delayed reaction, to say the least, and something strikes me the wrong way about these girls being punished for a "crime" they committed two years ago.

Finally, um, are the photos really so racy? The above photo is one of the incriminating pictures; below is a shot of a few ASU cheerleaders in action:

Um, it looks like they're showing almost as much skin on the field as they were at their "cheer party." The only differences seem to be the context in which the photos were taken (appearing on a Web site called "The Dirty" probably didn't help) and the fact that at the party they were only wearing lingerie. Even though they reveal about as much skin as the average bikini. And even though...they're cheerleaders. It's their job to be sexually alluring, and again, those outfits they're wearing on the field aren't exactly modest. So the school is pretty much penalizing them for doing what they do for the school anyway.

Maybe they should have kept the pompoms for the party photo; that way, they would have been praised instead of punished.



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