Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So remember how I was gonna "live" blog the CSI: Miami season finale? Well what I like to do is watch the episode straight-through once, so I can, you know, enjoy it, and then watch it again while jotting down notes every few seconds. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get the video to work anymore (ether on the site or on SurfTheChannel), so I can't live-blog for all y'all. (Ask Jess or anyone who talks to me online and they'll tell you that my Internet connection is tenuous at best.) That said, here are a few questions/thoughts I had when watching the episode.

1. What kind of writer thinks "toodaloo" is acceptable dialogue? Especially to end a heated argument? Is this supposed to be ironic or funny? Because it just came across as weird, stupid, and outdated, and I usually only associate those first two descriptors with this show. C'mon CBS, don't let me down.

2. Are they really leaving us with the H-was-shot cliffhanger? Like, yeah it was unexpected, and yeah I wanna know what happened, but he's obviously not going to die or be otherwise incapacitated. He's the leader of the CSI squad and the protagonist of the show; it wouldn't function without him. I'll be he was wearing a bulletproof vest or the bullet just grazed him or something. But there's absolutely no way he was critically wounded or killed. Or else...that's the series finale, as far as I'm concerned.

3. Speaking of faulty cliffhangers, what was with that text Ryan got? No, he wasn't involved in Hoartio's shooting. I have two explanations: one, he was carrying that black guy's phone and dude was somehow involved, and now Ryan's got to figure out how; two, the text was about something else and now, like, his carpet is cleaned. I'll bet it's going to be the latter. It's gonna be something stupid. "Calleigh, it's done. My house has finally been fumigated. Damn cockroaches."

4. Ugh, I already miss Alexx. New dude totally has a bad attitude, which I don't understand, because don't you want to give a good first impression when starting a new job? And actually, sir, while you're an M.E. and that requires detailed, thorough work, well, same goes for everyone else in the crime lab. You can't say Horatio or Calleigh or Eric isn't thorough. Lose the chip on your soldier, and also stop looking like a World-of-Warcraft player who still lives with his mom and probably tried to shoot up his high school. At least call your next corpse "baby," for old time's sake.

5. Why is Calleigh not facing any punishment? She blew up a crime lab room. That's not a chemical spill or a lost envelope, that's a fiery explosion that could have killed someone. I know it was an accident, but still, she blew it up. Aren't there at least any repercussions for the rest of the lab? damage?

6. Does Elizabeth Berkley at this point resign herself to playing the same character in every movie or TV show? You know, the bitchy, shady, pretty blonde who has a sordid past and a kid in danger. Does that even require any acting on her part?

7. I like Frank. He seems like a decent guy who does what he has to do. That said, what exactly does he do besides repeat what Horatio says and hand out warrants? And if he's a detective, doesn't he have other things to do besides follow Horatio around all day? I don't quite understand his purpose. I do appreciate the fact that he wears a suit and tie to work every day, especially when Eric always looks like he stepped out an Armani Exchange catalog. Keep it classy, Frank. I'd tell you to stand there and look pretty, but, you know, you got a little cushion for the pushin', so I guess just stand there.


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Marshall said...

Aw come on man, hole through the glasses is brilliant. You know in the next season he's just going to put them on and say something badass.