Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Amanda from MTV's "The Paper" Just As Awesome As I Thought

This morning, after some serious Facebook stalking, I stumbled upon the Facebook of Amanda Lorber, of MTV's The Paper fame. She's going to NYU next year! She's studying Journalism! I friended her, and she friended me back! She smartly changed her name to "Laughin' Lorber" to weed out all the fake fans. Below are screencaps of her FB profile, in case any of you are as creepy/in awe of her as I am:

Case and point: I MUST become friends with her next year. I will teach her how to be less Tisch, and she can teach me how to have self-confidence and bravado. I picture us editing articles for NYU Local together, drinking Starbucks, exchanging Urban Outfitters wardrobes. Okay I'm going to leave now before I make you all puke with my giddiness.


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