Friday, May 16, 2008

Agyness Deyn Can (Unfortunately) Do No Wrong

I should hate this because it's another example of hipsters trying to take over the world, but Agyness Deyn is just so damn CHARMING. I see her all over New York riding her bike and she's just so lithe and 80's and adorable, that it's difficult for me to find fault with anything she does, and this music video is no exception.

The song is way different than I thought it would be - I was picturing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs meet Justice, but it's much more acoustic and poppy than that. Easy to swallow. I'm not ashamed to admit it's going on my treadmill playlist. And the video, which is obviously supposed to cater to London-bred and London-imitating LA hipsters with its synthesis of black and white and color, the 80s outfits and the cigarette smoking, is surprisingly just as captivating:



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