Tuesday, April 8, 2008

With this set of e-mails, I thee wed

Yesterday I wrote a scathing opinion piece on the fuckery of NYU Local. The opinions editor, Ned, had the balls to challenge Josh and I to write for NYU Local to save it from going in the direction of a circlejerk. I've never known a guy named Ned who wasn't nice, so I decided to pursue it.

From me:

Dear Ned,

This is Jessica of Jess and Josh Talk About Stuff.

I'd like to propose a deal.

Perhaps you can feature our blog somewhere (prominent) on NYU Local, and I will write as many opinion pieces as you need.

Not to say you are begging us to write for you, I know you're not; but it makes sense to me to combine a healthy loathing for poor journalism and a desire to have people read what you write into this cosmopolitan brand of super snark we can advertise on both NYU Local and Jess and Josh.



From Ned:

Lily and Cody (editor in chief and publisher, respectively) have promised me a blogroll for my section of the site, and I was planning on featuring some of the better NYU-based blogs on there anyway. I have no idea when the blogroll is going up, but in the meantime, every piece you submit to me that gets published will have a link to your blog in it. How does that sound?


So we've got a deal. Josh and I will write a few opinion pieces a week in exchange for J&J going in the byline. Either we've totally sold our souls (I really hope not), or this could end up being something really amazing. I'm a little nervous they won't let me write the way I want to, but I guess, as a writer, you have to keep audience in mind, and maybe some of the NYU brats don't like the phrase "magical vagina." :(



Anonymous said...

you guys hit 20,000 for a reason.

Marshall said...

magical vagina is what we like to call an all-demographic crowd pleaser. You'll do great, kid.

Jess and Josh said...

anonymous: as in, because we're up on NYU local?

i'd be wont to believe you, but we haven't been posted there yet, and we hit 20,000 views last week!

Nayoung said...

This sounds exciting. I read your Apr 7 post about this and the comments between you guys and the folks at NYULocal, and let me just say, I have a good feeling about this so far. Can't wait to see what it brings.