Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The weekend of 4/20: I stumbled onto the stage of a Free Tibet rally

This weekend was one of the best weekends I've had in New York this year. The ridiculousness began on Thursday but I'm honestly blanking out on what we even did, so I guess we'll have to start with Friday.

David, Dan and I smoked and took a walk from Broome Street down to Water Street. On the way there, we noticed there was a candlelit Free Tibet vigil with people sitting in a semi-circle facing some speakers on this makeshift stage. Only - we didn't notice there were speakers, or a stage. So we literally stumbled ONTO the stage and stood there laughing and everyone was staring at us and it took legitimately 30 seconds for us to even realize that we were at the apex of the circle and everyone's attention was on us. As soon as we noticed we SPRINTED away. It was honest to god the funniest/weirdest thing that has ever happened to me. Other things happened that night but they weren't as hilarious.

Here's a picture of the stage:
And here's me on it after the rally was cleared out:
Saturday I ran some errands and went to the gym with David, then we got really high and like stumbled all over the West Village. We found this amazing garden at The Pizza Box on Bleecker and sat out there smoking cigarettes and eating fresh mozzarella pizza:

More food ensued until we sat in the park across from Magnolia because we were like an hour early to our date with our friend Andrea. While waiting, we saw a cat in a basket!:

We finally got to Andrea's, smoked some more and made the pot oil for the special brownies. The whole thing only took about an hour and a half. Thanks to Andrea who basically baked the entire batch while David, Ashley and I fell asleep in her bed listening to Blonde Redhead.
We went home and tried some brownies - oh hey intense body high - and then fell asleep early in preparation for our big day.

Sunday we waked and baked and went to see "Cosmic Collisions" at the Hayden Planetarium on the Upper West Side. On the subway there we saw a guy with a stick full of cotton candy. LOL!:
The show was SICK, but way too short. Sonic Vision was much better. We ate brownies in the theatre and got supremely fucked up, then went to have a picnic in Central Park. It was lovely.
Afterwards we came home and had 4 pizzas, 30 garlic knots and cheesy bread delivered. We'd expected much more people to show but they were flakes:
We literally have like 3 whole pizza pies left over:
So now I am brain dead. But this weekend was totally worth it.

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Marshall said...

Why do I imagine Daniel Day Lewis screaming "You're just a cat from a basket!"