Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Update time

The lovely folks over at NYU Inc. did a post about my meeting with J. Sex. Read it here.

My mom also posted about it on her professional blog, The Bamboo Project. Read that here.

In other completely unrelated news, I just put some milk in my coffee that I think was maybe spoiled? I don't know, it said sell by April 13th which is fine, but it smelled a little funky and it kind of looked like there were maybe pieces in it? But I noticed AFTER I poured it into my coffee and I wasn't going to make a whole 'nother pot... so... if I'm violently ill by mid-morning, that'll be the reason.



Dhani said...

soy milk goes bad 5 days after it is opened.


Jess and Josh said...

it was that little thing of regular milk i bought at the deli though!

but how did you know that? LOL