Tuesday, April 29, 2008

An Update On That Beloved Tart Miley

This is probably the most articulate and apt piece written about the Miley Cyrus debacle to date.

Its main thesis: teenagers fuck, and the world loves that they do. Miley is a sexual person, even if her job is to pretend that's not true. I maintain she's lost her virginity, but if she hasn't yet, she will very soon. She's hot, she's young, she has hormones raging around; not to mention all these people telling her NOT to fuck, which, of course, in the teenage mind means slip your panties off and mount the first guy in sight.

I think the most crucial evidence Defamer presents is that NY Mag recently put out an issue with 14 year old Taylor Momsen, of Gossip Girl fame, in her underwear. How is that not sexually inappropriate? It's the same issue. But perhaps because Cyrus is famous for a kids' show, and Momsen is famous for a show about rich people fucking and getting fucked up, it's not the same. In my opinion, it should be. That's not to say I advocate the seduction of minors, even though at 15 I was totally lusting after the 30-somethings. But teens fucking teens, the public eating it up and Hollywood making money off of it is nothing new. Get over it.


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Bianca Reagan said...

The Defamer article is missing the point, as I will soon post on my own blog. The problem isn't teenagers having sex. The problem is a 15-year-old girl being portrayed as a hypersexualized object in a magazine specifically for adults. No one is outraged about Taylor Momsen, except for concerned Gossip Girl viewers like myself, because no one knows who Taylor Momsen is. I don't recall a sold-out Taylor Momsen/Jenny Humphrey Best of Both Worlds Tour.