Monday, April 7, 2008

Teenage Drinking

So. Seven states, most of which are located in the Midwest but also Vermont, are thinking about lowering the drinking age down to 18. Three of these states say they'd only lower it for military personnel, claiming that the responsibility shown in enlisting represents a suitable maturity level for legally downing shots of the cheapest liquor a teenager could afford. The federal government is threatening to cut these states' federal highway funding by ten percent if the age is indeed lowered.

Obviously, I'm a biased source, but fuck yes! It's about time we started discussing the drinking age in this country. It's ridiculous that I am trusted to vote, but not to have a couple beers with friends after class (or, you know, before class. Shit happens.)

Also, hey, Republicans in the federal government--isn't your whole thing states' rights and a minimal federal influence on citizens' lives? Wouldn't you be happy to pass a bill that would allow for the states to decide this, so you don't have to, which is kind of what your party is all about?

According to Judaism, when you turn thirteen you become a (wo)man. So maybe that should be the legal drinking age. After all, you get to drink wine in temple.



Marshall said...

State's Rights do not apply to: Gay Marriage, Education, Abortion and of course Teen Drinking.

Pretty sure a lot of conservatives are still pissed about the abolition of slavery too.

Jess and Josh said...

I agree that States' Rights shouldn't apply to issues like gay marriage, but that seems to be the way it's gonna go.

Marshall said...

It probably should for now, itmakes more sense. I feel bad for homosexuals in places like North Dakota, but at least in this generation, they' probably he happier elsewhere anyway. The Republicans will never allow it though, hence their demands for a Federal Marriage Amendment.

Of course leaving it up to the States has its downsides. Witness the Marshall-Newman Amendment we just passed here in VA in '06.

I was more trying to convey there are certain times in which the GOP is very happy to use the full weight of the federal government.

Casey and I were talking about this though, it'd be awesome if some state just decided it didn't need road money. Some place like West Virginia that doesn't really need it. It can become the new gay/abortion/drinking mecca. Soddom in the woods. They already have racing & slots.