Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stars - they're just like us!

Today my friend from high school, Susanne, was in the city for some interior design workshops. She met me for lunch at this shitty place called Dojo across from my work on the corner of Mercer and W. 4th. Who should dine right by us but the emaciatedly beautiful Kirsten Dunst! Clad in her typical outfit of raybans, jeans, a tank top and cardigan, Ms. Dunst looked stunning despite no makeup and a recent stint in rehab. She ordered a tofu sandwich (no bread) with a salad, drank water, and chatted with a woman who was so ugly I can only assume she's her publicist. She was sweet and pretended she couldn't see me staring; she even signed an autograph for our waitress. Love her!


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